Summit Itinerary

*Itinerary is currently tentative and subject to change*

Thursday, April 6:

Invited attendees whose travel and lodging are funded by the Princeton Conservation Society or other YCCS sponsors will arrive at their housing accommodations near Princeton University’s campus.

Friday, April 7:

9:00am: Breakfast will be provided in the Campus Club on Prospect Avenue.

11:00am: Single-speaker presentations will be given in Robertson Hall’s Arthur Lewis Auditorium. Presentations of 5-10 minutes will focus on speakers areas of expertise, activism, or research.

1:00pm: Breakout sessions over lunch will be hosted with youth activists, Princeton faculty, and undergraduate students. Breakout participants will have open-ended and casual conversations based on similar geographic and thematic areas.

4:00pm: Social forums will allow invited guests and students to engage with one another directly way. Members of the Princeton Conservation Society will be able to discuss our organization’s goals and perspectives with international attendees who lead their own environmental organizations. Invited experts, researchers, and activists will connect with one another.

Saturday, April 8:

11:00am: Two different panels of 4-5 speakers each, moderated by Princeton faculty and/or invited guests, will discuss the following topics: transnational climate finance and exploitative land use, especially as these topics relate to marginalized communities in the Global South.

3:00pm: More breakout groups will be formed to encourage more networking and in-depth discussion between members based on the previous panels.