Day 1

Our day started at 2am when we left campus, and then arrived at the airport at 2:45. Despite our early arrival, we managed to arrive at our gate approximately 1 minute before it closed at 4:45 am due to conflicts in the booking and one member not having a ticket. Fortunately,  we all made it onto the plane and arrived at Billings, Montana. Once there, we encountered another two problems: one bag was lost and we couldn’t rent cars. These problems were also resolved and we were able to get great cars and be on our way to Yellowstone.

The next issue we encountered was when an unidentified object flew out of one of the cars and a group of us had to go back and find it. Finding this was an adventure but also an amazing achievement full of excitement. We continued on our drive and saw many bison, deer, pronghorns, and even a grizzly bear and her cub! We saw amazing sights and were all in awe of the landscape.

Fun facts about the cars: The “Woke Mobile”  blasted taylor swift for two hours straight and ran up the Grand Canyon of Yellowstone, “The Horse” saw a great horned owl and also showed their superior driving skills, and the “Mihan Mobile” vlogged the entire journey. We ended our night bonding over a late dinner and arriving at our Airbnb to homemade brownies!

Quote of the day: “They put a lot of effort into this place” (when describing Yellowstone)