Ellen Scott-Young ’20 | President

I am a medical anthropology major at Princeton, with certificates in Environmental Studies and German. I joined Conservation Society as a freshman because I really wanted to start spreading awareness for environmental issues. I currently serve proudly as President and am surrounded by a team of very passionate and dedicated students. Conservation Society is the most active student-group on campus, and every year we have more students willing to work and engage in our group and events. A value I continue to promote in the society is that everyone is welcome to join: the willingness to help and do good work should not be application based. Removing barriers for student-engagement is key to having a collaborative campus culture, and something I will strongly defend.


Andrew Kaneb ‘21 | Vice President

I am a prospective EEB major from Cambridge, MA. I’ve always loved nature, and I was part of an environmental group in high school, so I joined Conservation Society to continue to try to protect the natural areas and creatures that I care about. I’m passionate about conservation issues worldwide, but two of my favorite areas are Yellowstone National Park and the Rocky Mountains. I also really like sea turtles. I try to carry out best environmental practices in my daily life by always using a reusable water bottle and by trying not to use any bags, plastic or paper, when I buy things.


Grace Kortum ’21 | Treasurer







Phia Kim-Brookes ’22  | Events Chair

I joined Conservation Society because I grew up rescuing animals (like birds and frogs) and spending my summers at bug camp. I just really love animals and think this planet is an insanely beautiful place so it’s important to me that we treat it better than we have been. I am really passionate about the oceans. They’re huge and you wouldn’t expect them to be suffering on such a large scale because of people but they are! Most of my favorite animals are marine animals and I hope to actually work with them one day as a vet so when I see things like the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and its impact on marine life, I get really sad. One of the coolest conservation movements I’m following right now is Mission Blue founded by Sylvia Earle. She’s like the Jane Goodall of the seas and also my superhero. Her organization has helped to establish “Hope Spots” across the world where those marine locations are internationally protected. I do small things like turn off the lights when I leave the room, take short showers (sometimes even cold showers), minimize plastic waste, etc. The most important thing I do is probably constantly pushing my friends and anyone I know to do the same.


Sam Bents ’22 | Trips Chair

I am a prospective EEB major from Wisconsin. For as long as I can remember, I have been deeply concerned for the planet and all of its inhabitants. I joined my first conservation group when I was seven at a nearby state park, started my own in high school, and knew I wanted to continue with conservation when I got to college. I am so happy to have found PCS. It has opened my eyes to environmental issues and conservation efforts all around the world. Right now I am most interested in how climate change interacts with global health, specifically in the form of infectious disease. I practice sustainability by eating vegetarian, doing the little things when I can, and striving to raise awareness for the problems our planet is facing.


Noah Mihan ‘19 | Founder, President Emeritus

I founded Conservation Society because I wanted Princeton University to have a group that focused on conserving biodiversity across the world. I wanted a fun group that didn’t just create awareness about our dying environment but actually made a tangible difference through trips, research, and documentaries! Ever since I visited Yellowstone in the eighth grade, I’ve wanted to create more places like it: wild, amazing, and there for the people to enjoy. The best environmental practice I have is probably constantly creating fundraisers for conservation organizations like the WWF and American Prairie Reserve.


Rebecca Han ‘22 | Secretary

I’m a freshman looking to major in possibly Woody Woo, EEB, or Economics. I’m also involved with Trego Singers, the Daily Princetonian, and the Princeton U.S.-China Coalition. I joined Conservation Society because I’m passionate about the environment and ways to make Princeton and our broader community more sustainable. Some conservation issues I’m passionate about are maintaining ecosystem diversity and protecting endangered species. One way I try to be more sustainable is trying to never use plastic bags when shopping.


Emily Cruz ‘22 | Clerk

Throughout my entire life I have tried to help the environment in any way I can; hence why I joined Conservation Society. I wanted to join an organization that had the same passions I did. In the past I have researched many environment topics specifically concerning the restoration of aquatic environments. I want to continue this research to ultimately restore coastal wetlands and other aquatic areas in hopes of ultimately helping the environment.


Sasha Culley ’21 | Sustainability Chair

I’m a sophomore from Australia. I’m particularly passionate about marine conservation and ocean clean-up – keep our beaches beautiful!! I try to live more sustainably by avoiding products with excessive packaging and eating a vegetarian diet.



Navreeta Singh ‘22 | Local Outreach Coordinator

I love spending as much time as I can outdoors and joined PCS to pursue my passion for nature, tree climbing, and David Attenborough. I’m interested in a range of issues relevant to the North American continent as well as the entire globe, specifically trophic cascades and the maintenance of balanced predator to prey ratios within ecosystems. I’m also concerned with policy making in order to garner increased bipartisan support for conservation. As local outreach coordinator, I organize weekly trail repair in the forests near Princeton. I also enjoy hiking, kayaking and fishing, and hope to preserve the beautiful wilderness for future generations.


Camellia Moors ’22 | Internship Chair

I’m a freshman from Florida who’s likely majoring in the Woodrow Wilson School and getting a certificate in German. I joined Conservation Society shortly after orientation because I’m passionate about the environment and its protection, and this group has a really great, active, dedicated group of members who help make conservation issues more salient on campus. I am particularly interested in climate change, and plan to pursue science policy within the Woodrow Wilson School, as I believe that there’s still a lot to be done with our nation’s environmental policies. In my daily life, I try to actively consider the impact of my choices (i.e., turning off the lights, recycling, etc.) and look to pursue initiatives that will bring sustainability to the forefront of student’s minds.


Jonathan Salama ‘21 | Media Chair

I’m very interested in wildlife photography and filmmaking, so I decided to join Conservation Society to explore different ways of tackling environmental issues through creative content production. I’m most concerned with deforestation and habitat loss that affects so many animal species, so it was a great experience to go to Montana with the Conservation Society and make a documentary about the efforts to create such a large reserve for bison and other American species. I think a great individual practice to get excited for conservation is to go out for short nature walks or bike rides to appreciate the natural surroundings, especially around Princeton’s beautiful campus.


Nourhan Ibrahim ‘20 | Recruitment Chair

I’m a junior in the EEB department, and I joined the Conservation Society because I wanted to get more involved with conservation efforts on campus and globally. I’m passionate about reducing waste and decreasing habitat degradation due to human causes that can be easily changed. In my daily life, I don’t buy coffee or tea if I don’t have my reusable mug on me, which helps me be more conscious about plastic use.


Crystal Wu ‘20 | Documentary Trip Planner

I have always been interested in Conservation and joined PCS to get more involved with Conservation efforts around campus as well as learn more about what is happening around the world. A project that I am helping out with now and is incredibly important is the Sumatran Rainforest Project. Due to this project, the problem with palm oil has been brought to my attention, which is why I now try to make sure that I am more conscious about the products I buy.


Maya Mishra ’22 | Social Media Chair

I joined PCS because I believe that conservation of the Earth is one of the issues that affects everyone, and that everyone should care about. I am particularly passionate about individual responsibility and what I can do as a consumer to help the planet. While, statistically, one person makes very little difference in the grand scheme of things, it DOES make a difference if everyone thinks that way! To decrease my carbon footprint, I eat a vegetarian diet, reduce my plastic waste, and shop secondhand (as well as upcycling my own old clothes!).


Will Brown ‘20 | Social Chair

I’m from Richmond, VA, and I joined Conservation Society because I knew Noah and wanted to make an actual impact on the environment. I became more dedicated after going on the dead week trip to Montana in the spring of 2018 and am interested in restoring ecosystems. I am also involved with the Sunda Rainforest Project as a part of the Communications team. When not conserving the environment, I’m most likely found playing soccer, driving around in my dad’s 1989 Toyota Land Cruiser with the bass all the way up, or sleeping on tables.


Joe Kawalek ‘21 | Study Break Chair

I joined Conservation Society in order to get involved with a green group on campus and find a community of fellow students that are also passionate about the environment. Personally, I’m interested in preserving the vast biodiversity of our planet and protecting species that are threatened by human activity, as well as working to reduce our campus’ plastic usage. I try to be environmentally conscious in my daily life by minimizing the number of plastic bags that I use, refilling a personal water bottle rather than using multiple plastic ones, and encouraging my friends to be mindful about their own plastic usage.