Kayaking on Lake Carnegie!

On May 11, 2018, the Conservation Society and friends left their preparations for final exams and papers to venture out into nature on a kayaking expedition in our very own D&R canal and Lake Carnegie. After dinner conversation with Emeritus Professor Henry Horn, who studies local ecology and conservation, we could not wait to explore one of the few wild places that our township has left, and it did not disappoint! We saw nesting geese, water moccasins, turtles, and cool local plants. We sliced past in the Princeton crew teams in our nimble vessels, basking in the perfect weather and even getting a sunburn here and there.

We would like to thank USG Projects Board for the amazing opportunity to put on this event, and we hope have many more events where we get people out into the nature that we want to conserve. Conservation is not only a national and international endeavor—it starts in our own communities. We must never forget that we are stewards of the natural environment all around us in Princeton.