Day 8

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Up and out of the cabin by 6:30 this morning, we bid farewell to Yellowstone on our final drive through the park. Our attempt to drive up Beartooth pass was blocked by gates, but we still got some amazing drone footage in the snowy mountains. Also on the drive up, Will fell asleep in the back, which finally allowed Noah to play the Hamilton soundtrack in the car.

Next stop, Billings! Retracing our steps from only a week before, we drove down Chief Joseph highway and took it all in one last time. A quick pit stop at a gas station to refuel and (feebly attempt) to clean the Hypemobile, we made it to the airport with time to spare! Bye bye Montana! Back in Denver, our 3 hour layover consisted of getting Chick Fil-a (for some of us, twice, @Will), walking laps around the airport (had to get in our 10,000 step goal!) and riding the air train.

The Final Five were all seated in the same row on the flight back to Newark, where we did Sudoko, Crossword puzzles, and sang Smashmouth’s “All Star” before getting reprimanded by the people in front of us to quiet down. Touchdown 11:30 in Newark, it felt good to be back in the Dirty Jerz, but Montana (and the little people) will forever hold a special place in our hearts. <3

Day 2 – Yellowstone/Long Drives

Hey everyone,

Elias and Sierra checking in here. Sunday was an absolute blast and an extremely long day at the same time. To keep things transparent and show you how life really is out in the wonderful neature surrounding us, we decided to make a vlog (a video blog for those not with it) of the day’s adventures. From an epic hike to grocery shopping at midnight, we tried to cover all the bases on a day that provided zero dull moments. Click the link below and enjoy 🙂

P.S. We’ll be making our own YouTube page once this goes viral for you all to subscribe to so stay tuned!!